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About DroneVista – Aerial Imagery Services

DroneVista provide aerial imagery services in the county of Norfolk and beyond. At present we do NOT operate outside the UK. We offer affordable aerial photography solutions to other commercial services.

DroneVista is a collection of PfCO licenced drone pilots including the website owner, Tristan Haskins. DroneVista NEVER recruit the services of non-qualified pilots. All our pilots hold PfCO licences, £2M third party insurance and have extensive experience in aerial photography and videography. A majority of the work is covered by Tristan, with the overflow going to our associated freelance pilots.

Note > in 2017 the PfAW was renamed PfCO, Permission for Commercial Operation. DroneVista pilots hold valid PfCO certificates.

Tristan Haskins receiving his "WINGS" from Sion Roberts (RUSTA)

Tristan Haskins - drone pilot - passing his practical flight test for PFAW licence

What do DroneVista Do?

The use of Drones for professional services is a rapid growth area. DroneVista are currently either involved with or considering options for many diverse applications / aerial services including, but certainly not limited to:

  • Building Inspection - chimney, gutters, flashing, tiles etc inspected
  • Estate Agency property marketing with aerial photography / videography
  • Wind Turbine blade inspection - coming very soon
  • Construction Industry - photographic record of progress and development eg. solar farm
  • Agricultural surveys (pesticide effectiveness / coverage, crop ready to harvest, irrigation)
  • Tourism photography and videography > more here
  • Golf Course surveys / photography and videography > more here
  • Film and TV - freelance and sub-contract work providing 4K aerial video and HD stills
  • Emergency services delivery ... ? not yet, but it won't be long
  • Security Services ... ? another work in progress using thermal imaging / infrared video cameras

RC Drone pilot Tristan Haskins flying DJI Inspire at Solar Farm construction site

The photograph above was taken during an aerial photography and videography project at a Solar Farm near Fakenham, Norfolk. A ten week project recording the construction of the solar farm, transforming 130 acres of farmland in to a state of the art 26 Mega Watt solar power plant.

Students of the RUSTA Pilot Training Course

Flight test complete - time to get PFAW licence

Some useful Drone related services recommended by DroneVista

  • DroneVista recommend RUSTA pilot training courses.
  • We are insured by CoverDrone
  • For more information on obtaining a PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operation) please refer to the CAA

PFAW Certified (CAA Approved Drone Pilot)

Tristan Haskins holds the PFAW licence for DroneVista (click to enlarge)

Norfolk Aerial Photography from PFAW CAA certified pilot  CAA PFAW licenced DroneVista

Other Websites

Tristan's latest project is - an easy way to check if a car, van or motorbike has a valid MOT or Vehicle Tax.