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Holiday Park – Aerial Mapping

Here’s some preliminary photos from our latest commission. Narborough Fisheries wanted some new aerial photographs of their site, a flypast video and also a more user friendly visitor map to show visitors which lakes are where and where their caravans should be sited.

Stitching Together the Aerial Photos

To create the visitor map of the entire site we had to take 11 x aerial images at maximum legal height of 120m. These 11 x images covering the entire holiday park including the lakes and caravan plots were then STITCHED together to create one large total site image as shown below. The problem with stitching images is the different tones and contrasts as the sun moves and the angle of light changes, as can be seen here. This generally means a stitched aerial image is not perfect for use as is….

Aerial photos of the holiday park and lakes stitched together

Converting the Aerial Images to an Abstract style Visitor Map

However, with the technology available from Photoshop this large aerial image is then converted to a more abstract view. We’ve removed the shadows and different tones to better identify the holiday park, the 5 x fishing lakes, roads and reception area. The customer can direct us with regard to the level of signage and labelling. In this case, it’s been kept to a minimum to give essential information only.

Converting Aerial Photos to a visitor map of the holiday park / fishing lakes

If you want to find out more about these great fishing lakes and the facilities for touring caravans at Narborough Lakes please visit their website for more details

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