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Property Marketing – Aerial Photography for Estate Agents

Enhance your property listings with Aerial Photographs

Aerial Photography used to be something of an exclusive luxury available only to those with friends with helicopters or bottomless pockets. The advent of RC Drones, or UAV's (unmanned aerial vehicles) has been embraced by those involved in estate agency and property marketing as it has significantly lowered the price of aerial photography. Our DJI Inspire provides superb high resolution photographic still and 4K UltraHD video footage.

Recent Examples of Drone Vista work

A steady supply of work from our loyal clients has resulted in an extensive portfolio of aerial photography including residential, commercial, development, farm and equestrian properties. A selection of our latest commissions can be found here - Portfolio of Aerial Photography

Check for Certification (PfAW / PfCO mandatory)

If you are considering using a friend or maybe a business you've found online to take the aerial photos of a property you MUST ensure they have their PfAW / PfCO certificate. If you, as an Estate Agent, use images to sell a house that were taken by a photographer without the CAA's PfAW you are breaking the law. PLEASE only use a qualified and fully insured aerial imagery service like DroneVista. As a small local business with low overheads we can offer very reasonable rates from as little as £150 per aerial mission with HD stills and 4K video.

PfCO ? PfAW?

In 2016/17 the CAA changed the certification name from a PfAW (Permission for Aerial Work) to PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operation). There is no difference between the two. However, most PfAW's would have been issued in 2016 or earlier and they do EXPIRE.

An example of our aerial photography work for Cruso & Wilkin
Aerial photography of a Norfolk Farm for sale

Example of DroneVista work incorporated in client's website

The images above and below are taken from a recent commission undertaken for Norfolk estate agent, Cruso & Wilkin. Allowing prospective clients to fully comprehend the precise location of a property can save a lot of wasted time and effort. Aerial images such as these tell the prospective buyer all they need to know about the property's precise location and how it is situated among neighbouring properties.

Farmland, Agricultural and Equestrian Properties

We have been involved in the acquisition of aerial photographs used for the marketing of farmland in excess of 800 acres. The very best way to showcase such extensive areas is by way of aerial photography and video. If you would like to discuss your agricultural, equestrian and farmland marketing photography needs, please contact us today.

Enhanced listings assist improved sales

An aerial photograph enhances a property's listing and improves the chance of a quick sale. A long term client of ours Waterside Estate agents utilises aerial imagery whenever possible to showcase the very best Norfolk Broads properties.

Aerial Photography SELLS property quickly and effectively
Enhanced property listings sell properties
Image showing the boundaries and borders of a house for sale on Norfolk coast

Enhance marketing prospects with Aerial Photography & Video footage

Having some aerial photographs of your home is an excellent marketing tool for private sellers and estate agents alike. An aerial picture gives potential buyers a better understanding of where the house is situated within the surrounding area. It is the most effective way of highlighting local areas of natural beauty, landmarks and even distant views. We have some more examples of aerial photographs and video here

If you are an estate agent in the Norfolk area please contact us for a personal quotation and start showcasing your products in this new and professional manner. We can do as much or as little as you require. If you prefer to do the editing in-house, that's fine. We can supply an SD-card with all the still images and video footage as recorded and un-edited. Alternatively, we can edit the video, add titles (as specified by you) and even upload the aerial video footage to YouTube or other social sharing websites.

An aerial photograph of a beach hut for sale in Old Hunstanton, Norfolk coast
Example of aerial photography for Norfolk Broads estate agents

Aerial Photography enhancing Norfolk Broads Property Marketing

The image above is courtesy of a recent commission undertaken for Norfolk Broads specialist estate agent, Waterside.  These images were taken with direct involvement and direction of both the estate agent and the client. Over 40 shots were taken on location and the best 5 were further edited to enhance the property's appeal. This service is available starting from just £100, please check our prices here

Aerial photography on beautiful Norfolk Broads properties such as these really enhance the marketing profile of a property. They help by providing the potential buyers with a true feel for the property's location and showcasing the very best features. We have plenty more examples of aerial photos from this Norfolk Broads shoot.

UAV RC drones for aerial photography for estate agents and house sellers in Norfolk
Sell your house with an aerial photograph from a remote drone
Aerial Photography for Norfolk Estate Agents

Aerial Video footage to showcase your finest properties

The HD quality video available from a high quality RC Drone is the perfect marketing media for promoting the finest properties in your portfolio. From between £100 to £300 we are able to provide both aerial stills and HD video footage of a property. We can edit the video (as below) or just provide the raw video footage on SD Card or memory stick for you to process as you choose. Aerial video uploaded to a social media website like YouTube is also an excellent medium for promoting your properties and easily embedded to an existing website.

Land in front of house - aerial view
Aerial View looking out over cliffs at hunstanton