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Roof, Guttering & Chimney Inspections with a Drone

Survey roofing, tiles, chimneys with an RC Drone

Affordable Alternative to Scaffolding / Cherry Picker

Erecting scaffolding is time consuming and expensive. Hiring a cherry picker can be reasonable, but site access and health & safety is often an issue. Our Remote Drones are the perfect solution for aerial surveys of buildings. Our RC drones equipped with the latest HD video cameras can give pixel perfect high resolution images of guttering, chimney stacks, flashing, brickwork and tiles.

Save time and money with an aerial RC drone survey before erecting scaffolding or sending a person to a dangerous location. We work closely with the customer in directing us to film specific detail of the structure under inspection, often working alongside the structural engineers. Drone Vista offer an affordable aerial photography and video service with prices starting from around £100 to £150. More details of our RC Drone & Pilot hire can be found here

Inaccessible Roof Inspection

This short video illustrates the effective use of a UAV (Drone) for surveying / inspecting an inaccessible roof. In this example the client had problems with leaks during heavy rainfall.

Remote Roof Survey by Drone

Recruiting an RC Drone flown by Drone Vista's Tristan Haskins quickly confirmed the clients fears. Plant growth in the gutters was causing a blockage and preventing the rainwater from draining. Due to the 1m high skirt around the roof these plants were invisible from ground level. The roof has no external inspection hatches. The drone footage has clearly identified the problem with plant growth in the guttering.

PfCO Licenced Pilots

A roof survey / inspection of this nature undertaken with an RC drone must be performed by a CAA qualified drone pilot with a PfCO licence - Permission for Commercial Operation. DroneVista are based in Hunstanton, Norfolk, however, we are happy to travel and have clients in Lincoln, Cambridge, Peterborough and Suffolk.

Video with Google Map window showing Drone's relative position

A short video to show how effective an RC Drone can be at located problems with guttering.

Video Capture with GPS Track

Throughout the aerial inspection of the building the GPS data-logger records the drone's location. A flight log video can be superimposed over the 4K video capture to show the drone's location throughout the filming.

See what only the birds can see

A drone can get to places that it's often too unsafe for casual inspection. The image below shows a close-up image of a 15th Century church steeple / roof. Roofing specialists can then study the stills and video to ascertain how much, if any, work is required. The cost of scaffolding an historic building is astronomical compared to approximately £100-£250 for a survey similar to this one.

Save Time and Money with an RC Drone Inspection

Our fully insured pilots are now flying the brilliant DJI Inspire 1 (V2) RC Drone. The Inspire is the perfect partner for collecting high resolution HD image stills and video quality up to 4K during roof inspections and surveys. The photograph above is an example of a still frame extracted from a video inspection of St Mary's Church in Old Hunstanton. Using a drone to inspect a church roof is an affordable alternative to erecting scaffolding during the deicsion making process. The images and video can be utilised by roofing professionals to pinpoint areas of greatest concern and urgency. If you would like to see more of the photographs and videos taken during the spire and roof inspection at St Mary's church then please click here

Aerial survey of chimneys, gutters, tiles, flashing etc

CAA Qualified with PfCO Licence

We only ever use fully qualified CAA pilots who hold current PfCO licence (Permission for Commercial Operation) Our modern remotely controlled multirotors with HD video cameras will get to places quicker and safer than you can with traditional ladders and scaffolding. Contact us today for a free, no obligation quote. We are confident once you have used our aerial survey service you will use find more and more uses for our RC drones.

Note > in 2017 the PfAW was renamed PfCO, Permission for Commercial Operation. DroneVista pilots hold valid PfCO certificates.