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Aerial Video Examples

We are adding new aerial video footage to this page as soon as it has been edited and uploaded to YouTube. Our YouTube channel can be found here. These are just a few short examples uploaded to illustrate the quality of the video footage, the stability of the RC Drone in the air and some of the options for video editing with titles, styles, themes etc.

If you are considering using a friend or maybe a business you've found online to take the aerial photos of a property you MUST ensure they have their PFAW certificate. If you, as an Estate Agent, use images to sell a house that were taken by a photographer without the CAA's PFAW you are breaking the law. PLEASE only use a qualified and fully insured aerial imagery service like DroneVista. As a small local business with low overheads we can offer very reasonable rates from as little as £100 per aerial mission with HD stills and 4K video.

Aerial View - Construction of a Solar Farm

Inaccessible Roof Inspection by Drone

Land & Water – Promotional Video

Titchwell Manor – Promotional Video

Aerial Video for Sporting Events

Church Roof – Aerial Survery with Drone

Aerial Video for Tourism Marketing

Aerial Surveys of Building Structures

Thank you for taking a few minutes to view these aerial video samples. If you have any questions about the services we offer and the prices involved, please use the CONTACT button to get in touch today.