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Business Park for sale

At the end of 2016 I had the pleasure of photographing some prime industrial land on a small Business Park in South Creake, Norfolk. The cost of an aerial photo shoot like this one starts as low as £100. All photographs are available to the client within 3 or 4 hours of the visit or sooner if someone is available on-site to take copies. A short video presentation can also be produced for a small additional charge.

A recently photographed Business Park in South Creake, Norfolk

A photo is worth a thousand words ..

Aerial photographs like these speak a thousand words to potential buyers. The location, condition and environment is quickly conveyed with an aerial photograph as shown below. Google Maps and similar satellite images are often out of date and inaccurate.

Aerial Photographs of a Norfolk business park

Highlight the condition of a building

An aerial photograph can be an invaluable tool to illustrate the condition of a building’s structural condition. This image of the roof of one of the buildings on this small business park. It clearly shows the precise condition and structure of the main warehouse’s roof. (note, the real image provided to the client is 4 times higher resolution than this example)

Aerial Photography for commercial estate agents - an example of a warehouse roof

Are you looking to hire a drone and pilot to take similar aerial photographs of commercial properties? If so, please contact Tristan at DroneVista for an affordable quote.


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