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Aerial Tourism Marketing media – Hunstanton from the Air

There is no better way to showcase your areas of natural beauty than from the air. With the latest RC Drones we can provide video footage and high resolution pictures of your tourist resort and attractions. This video was shot at Hunstanton in June 2015 on one of Sunny Hunny's hotest days and we think you'll agree it makes an excellent tourism marketing tool

DroneVista's fully qualified pilots are available to hire at an hourly rate. Once we have filmed your tourist attraction / resort there are two options

  1. We simply hand-over the SD card to you. It is then up to you what you do with the images and video footage.
  2. We can provide an edited video as we have done here with this aerial video of Hunstanton. The video can be uploaded to a YouTube page or similar if you wish to share it with other or embed it within your own marketing pages (on your own website)

Hunstanton looking South (aerial image from RC drone)
Paddling as view from above - Hunstanton beach
Lincoln Square flower bed
Lincoln Square flower bed, Hunstanton
Aerial photograph of Hunstanton Cliffs
Aerial photograph looking North over Hunstanton Cliffs