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Sandringham Drone Ban …..

On the 1st May a story was published in various online news sites including the Mail Online and the Mirror Online regarding Sandringham’s drone ban. Full story can be found here

What I didn’t realise is that an earlier phone call I had had with a chap called Andrew from some news group or other would make it in to the story !!

For the record, I wholly support Her Majesty’s decision to BAN the use of drones on the 20,000 acres that makes up the Sandringham House Estate. When asked why I thought Her Majesty might make such a decision I highlighted the obvious terrorist risks that could be associated with any remotely operated drone device capable of pre-programmed flight and the ability to carry a couple of kilos payload….

Sandringham House viewed from Drone

courtesy of PA (BBC online)

For more information on flying around Anmer Hall, please refer to my previous article

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