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Upgrade to DJI Inspire

Great news, we are now using the very latest version of DJI Inspire 1 V2 with X3 camera giving us even greater HD clarity for aerial photographs and stunning 4K video. We will be posting a couple of new showreels in the very near future to illustrate just how good this new UAV is.

We've upgraded to the Inspire 1 Drone from DJI

What’s the difference?

For us it means a more stable flying platform with a 360 degree camera gimbal providing more flexibility and improved photographic opportunity. The Inspire, unlike the previous Phantom 2, has self retracting legs. When the drone takes off, it also lifts it’s legs out of the way of the camera. For a 360 degree pan shot, we don’t have to rotate the DRONE, we can keep the drone where it is and simply swing the camera. The Inspire can also fly in marginally higher winds, something we’ve really needed lately.

An example of the clarity of the Inspire's X3 HD camera

The Inspire 1 gives us 4k Video

The biggest difference, aesthetics aside, is the X3 camera’s ability to shoot video in 4K. The difference between HD video and that shot in 4K is outstanding. Many platforms can’t display 4K, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be embracing it and shooting in it. When we upload to YouTube, we upload at the highest possible resolution, then let YouTube and the replaying device choose the optimum resolution for the platform playing the video.

We use the DJI Inspire 1 V2 UAV drone

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